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Nighttime Lady

Nighttime Lady

SKU: 36523641234523

15X5" piece of metal- with encaustic wax, an embossed image from hearty Ooly paper, alcohol ink, pen and ink, varnished. 


    Hi Folks! Because I have an encaustic (wax) base, this means that if I get too hot, I will sweat... SO! please don't leave me in a very hot car allll day, and I prefer areas in the house that aren't direct sun ALL the time. (I can get warm, no big deal, and if I get VERY hot, I just get a bit sticky..) I come ready to hang with hardware installed, however you can always take this off if you prefer me framed!


    All pieces are handcrafted and may not show up exactly the same you see in photos. If there is a problem with your order please reach out and we will figure out a solution. It is my utmost priority that all customers are satisfied with their orders :)


    Excludes sales tax

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